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Evolutionary Circles

In Glastonbury UK

Fridays 6.30 to 9pm

Booking essential

'Archers sanctuary'

 Archers Way BA6 9HT 

Glastonbury UK

These circles are open to anyone willing and ready to dive deeper into self-inquiry, and honestly witness oneself in true authenticity.

This space is one of Truth and safe holding where everyone present understands that we are each other's mirrors and being witnessed with an open and accepting heart is the most potent healing there is. 

We will tap weekly into what the group is holding and needs witnessing - and after sharing/examining our own individual stories we will facilitate the necessary shifts with combined Breath work / sound healing / BodyTalk therapy.

There is NO OBLIGATION TO SHARING though, and everyone is welcome.

Requested donations from £5 to £20 / 3h weekly.


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